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Youngstar Production

Performing art And Entertainment / Record Label / Publishing Company

Recording Studio Facilities (“Recording, Mixing and Mastering”) Performing artist “Television, Street and Theatre”

YoungStar Production has been involved in artistic development for over (10) years, YoungStar has shared junior and Senior artistic stages at regional, national and international levels and has produced many quality artists from South Africa. It has collaborated with Proverb, DOLL (Durban) Davy Sicared, Soul City Company from Reunion Island (France), Dance Direction International (Durban) and Intensity Company (Malawi). The production company is currently known for its pioneering abilities and its positive contribution to the strengthening of the community in Kwa-Mashu, and it’s working to unify artist. Artist signed to the company travelled National and International: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth,

and internationally to Mozambique, Lesotho, Reunion Island, Malawi and France for different music/dance festivals.

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